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Design through Minimalism. 

Zandríc Creative Projects x Branding in NYC

Beautifully crafted.

Our focus is on creating stunning content.

The Design Inspiration:

Zandríc New York is a luxury haircare brand focused on utilziing the sense of smell to seduce, paired with substantial and exsquisite packaging.

Zandríc Creative Projects x Cora - Branding in NYC

The Design Inspiration:

Brand: Cora is every small business and startup owner's dream—a plug-and-play professional accounting service oriented with a high-tech approach.

Brand Keywords: Peace of Mind, Simplicity, Ease of Use, Secure, Professional, Reliable, Friendly, Tech-oriented

Logo Significance: Three Black dots are a modern representation of the abacus, the ancient counting tool.

Color Representation: Black on white represents Power, Security, and Professionalism

Font Selection: Cora has a soft spoken taste both in mind and mouth—lower Avenir Next Ultralight with wide kerning blends the softness of the name with the simplicity of the brand.

Zandríc Creative Projects x The Human Pet Project - Branding in NYC

The Design Inspiration

Brand: The Human Pet Project was carefully crafted for the modern pet owner. The approach was simple: Humans love pets and pets love Humans. Let's make both of their lives a little more simple and a little more pleasureable. The furrybox was the answer, treats and toys for the furry little buddy, with something special for the human, too.

Brand Keywords: Cute, Fun, Furry, Playful, Joy, Treat, Love, Modern, Exciting, Luxury, Pets, Dog, Cat, Hamster, Innovative, Technology

Logo Significance: Furrybox is the consumer-facing brand that sells a monthly subscription box of treats, toys and joy for both pets and humans. The dog bone and playful font represent exactly that—treats, toys and joy.

Color Representation: 85% Black was selected to balance the the luxury elements and vibe of the brand while the dog done and cute font enhance the lighthearted side.

Furrybox Font Selection: American Typwriter in lowercase was selected as a cute and fun font to represent the bond between pets and humans. Avenir Next Ultra Light was selected as the subfont as "tipping of the hat" to the innovative and technological side of the brand.

The Human Pet Project Font Selection: Avenir Next Ultra Light was selected for The Human Pet Project to represent the cutting edge and innovative technological parent company of furrybox.