Zandríc Creative Projects
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Limited Editions

Each work of art is produced at the highest possible quality and is a Limited Edition Series of 25 or 118. After each 25% of an Edition is sold the prices increase by 50%.

All prints are signed and numbered.

Acrylic Prints

Alexander's Limited Edition Prints are created using the LUMACHROME HD Lamination Process which creates a stunningly vibrant and high quality 3D-like depth. This process is renowned for creating a backlit effect. The image is infused with iridium particles and finished with a 1/8" Acrylic Facemount. The artwork is delivered Ready-to-Hang with a 3/4" rear floating frame. Each piece is created to last at least 120 Years.

Long Exposures

Alexander's speciality is photographing landscapes with a long expsoure technique. Long Exposures are taken by allowing the shutter of the camera to run for an extended period of time. This process creates a dreamy and surreal look most notably with clouds and water.

The Panorama

Each panorama is created by stitching multiple images often varying from 5-20 individual images. This process creates Ultra High Resolution images, perfect for producing large physical prints.